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Sasha Cork

Being born and raised in Kenya, Sasha can not remember a life without safaris. From a very young age, she would be put in the back of her parents land rover in her moses basket, and whisked off on another exciting adventure in the bush! Her love for the wildlife and outdoors led her to pursue a degree in hospitality and tourism management in the Uk, following which her career began selling safaris to sub-saharan Africa – her desire being to enable other people to experience the magic of her beloved Kenya that she was so lucky to have grown up with. In 2009, Sasha returned home to Kenya and continued gaining industry experience. Sasha feels very passionately about responsible travel and journeys that make a difference, and feels that it is more important now than ever before to understand the impact of your choices and make informed decisions for the benefit of future generations. Her favourite animal is the graceful giraffe and their incredible eyelashes!

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