By dropping fences and reopening migration corridors, Segera has reverted a working cattle ranch back into a thriving wildlife-conservation area. Alongside lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas, there awaits extraordinary birdlife and many rare and endangered species including Grevy’s zebra, patas monkeys and even wild dogs. More elephants migrate through each year, as drama regularly unfolds on the 50,000-acre estate. After dark, you’ll hear the roar of a male lion, the melancholy whoop of hyenas or zebras anxiously yipping. There is nowhere quite like it.

Segera is a splash of green in a bronzed savannah; a home for ideas, and a refuge for wildlife. It calls itself a “community for mavericks and characters, travellers and adventurers”.

“I truly believe,” says owner Jochen Zeitz (founder of The Zeitz Foundation), “that if each of us were to do our own share of good, whether small or large, to improve the way we live, think and act – to push the envelope and recognise the interconnectedness of all – then the world would undoubtedly change for the better.”

An oasis of luxury amid 50,000 acres of wild Kenyan savannah, Segera will take you on adventures beyond a traditional safari.

Jochen Zeitz (founder of The Zeitz Foundation)
  • Home to 50,000 acres of wildland
  • Home to the endangered Grevy’s zebra and patas monkeys
  • Supports beading co-operatives, the award-winning Waterbank Schools initiative and an all-female, anti-poaching rangers academy
  • Every room is solar-powered
  • Greywater is captured and reused
  • Waste is recycled or composted in organic gardens
  • A system for distilling still or sparkling water means no plastic bottles are needed
Segera House - accessed via large Zanzabari doors, this unit comprises three master suites that spill out to a private pool and outdoor dining area
area The Farmhouse - the original ranch house, this contains a large master suite and two double rooms opening onto an outdoor lounge and private pool, plus an adorable single room perfect for an au pair or teenager. The secluded, fire-lit lounge and a farmhouse kitchen render this house ideal for families or anyone seeking privacy
Villa Segera - this villa's two master suites are linked by a walkway. Affording fine views across the Sugeroi River toward Mount Kenya, they share a private pool, an open-sided dining area and a flower-filled lounge
Six thatched Garden Villas - amid landscaped, botanical gardens, these are centred around a vast swimming pool and surrounded by a cactus wall, with views across the savannah and woodlands. Expect outdoor baths and private decks, plus earthy-toned interiors
Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with hot showers and flush toilets
Both communal and private dining is available wherever you stay
Swimming pool, Spa, Gym and Organic garden
Caters To
Families, couples, single travellers or small groups



  • Game drives
  • Bush walks
  • Help to gather wild honey in bee-suits
  • Follow clues while walking with tracker dogs
  • Meet with East Africa’s first all-female ranger teams before talking with the SATUBO beading collective’s inspiring women
  • Go shopping at the local market
  • Visit the award-winning Waterbank Schools initiative
  • Visit an indigenous Samburu manyatta (walled enclosure) and experience rural life
  • Tour of one of the world’s greatest African art collections 
  • Book an exhilarating sleep-out in the Nay Palad Bird Nest