A passion for wildlife and commitment to conservation and community development are at the heart of the Sirikoi philosophy. At Sirikoi they don’t just talk about conservation – they live it. They are surrounded by, and directly support one of the most iconic and successful wildlife conservancies in the world , the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, which not only protects iconic wildlife species, but also directly improves the lives of communities in the area.

Lewa is internationally renowned as an innovative model for the conservation of wildlife and habitats, including endangered species such as black rhino and Grevy’s zebra. A key to this success is engagement with local communities, achieved through the initiation and support of community conservation and development programmes, and the education of neighbouring communities in the value of wildlife.

Together with the generous help of their guests, Sirikoi contributes significant amounts towards Lewa’s conservation, community, education and health projects. Their guests have the unique opportunity to see conservation in action:to go behind the scenes at Lewa’s headquarters, to experience first-hand how conservation and anti-poaching really work. Guests are shown around the operations room and tracker dog unit, have the opportunity to meet members of the anti-poaching team, and may also like to visit Lewa’s health clinic or one of the schools supported by the education programme.

An oasis of luxury in 50,000 acres of wild Kenyan savannah, Segera will take you on adventures beyond the traditional safari.

I truly believe that if each of us were to do our own share of good whether small or large to improve the way we live, think and act, to push the envelope and recognise the interconnectedness of all, then the world would undoubtedly change for the better.

Jochen Zeitz, Owner of Segera and Founder of The Zeitz Foundation
  • 50,000 acres of wild land
  • Home to the endangered Grevy’s Zebra and Patas Monkeys
  • Support beading co-operatives, the award winning Waterbank Schools and a female anti-poaching rangers academy
  • Every room is solar powered
  • Grey water is captured and reused
  • Waste is recycled or composted in the organic gardens
  • There is a water bottling system for distilling still and sparkling water which means no plastic bottles are needed
Segera House - be welcomed by Zanzabari doors that lead into a huge entrance hall that links 3 master suites together. Spilling out to a private pool and outdoor dining area.
The Farmhouse - This, the original ranch house, has a generous master suite and two double rooms that open onto the outdoor lounge and private pool as well as an adorable single bed that is perfect for an au pair or teenager. The secluded, fire-lit lounge and FarmHouse kitchen make the house perfect for families or those looking for privacy.
Villa Segera - The villa's two master suites are linked by a walkway. Sitting high for beautiful views across Sugeroi river toward Mount Kenya, they share a private pool, an open sided dining area and lounge that is dappled with blooms.
The Garden Villas - Segera's 6 garden villas are positioned in landscaped botanical gardens centred around a vast swimming pool and surrounded by a cactus wall, these thatched villas sit high peering out across the savannas and woodlands. With outdoor baths, ensuite bathrooms and private decks, the interiors borrow from the bleached grass palette and earthy tones of the land.
Each room has an ensuite bathroom with hot water and flush toilets
Both communal and private dining available
Organic garden, Swimming pool, Spa, Gym
Caters To
Families, couples, single travellers or small groups



  • Game drives
  • Bush Walks
  • Gather wild honey in bee-suits.
  • Follow clues walking with tracker dogs.
  • Meet with East Africa’s first female ranger teams and talk with the inspiring women from the SATUBO beading collective.
  • Go shopping at the local market.
  • Find out why the award-winning Waterbank School is so clever.
  • Visit a Samburu manyatta and experience rural life.
  • Take an African Art tour with our expert who will introduce you to one of the world’s greatest African art collections.
  • Book an exhilarating sleep out in the Nay Palad Bird Nest