An expansive, exclusive-use African ecolodge. Designed to be a platform for conservation, Reteti House is an exclusive offering available to families and groups searching for Africa as seen from an insider’s perspective.

Uniquely crafted for exclusive use, Reteti House is set in Northern Kenya’s remote Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, which spans 850,000 acres of wilderness. A 10-minute walk from Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Reteti House is Northern Kenya’s most coveted location, providing guests with a front-row seat to the extraordinary conservation work of Reteti.

Sustainably constructed with natural materials from the area, the house echoes the landscape’s neutral tones to create a cool and relaxing atmosphere inside. The house features a spectacular central lounge and infinity pool overlooking the elephant waterhole.

Framed by dramatic cliffs that play host to Egyptian vultures, klipspringers and resident leopards, Reteti House offers the perfect platform to experience abundant wildlife and birdlife. Namunyak Conservancy is also home to the second largest population of elephants in Kenya, over 450 reticulated giraffes, the critically endangered Grévy Zebra and a host of other species, including the fabled Gerenuk!

Four beautiful, standalone rooms, each with a gorgeous outdoor shower and private deck, both offering uninterrupted views over the conservancy, accommodates 8 - 10 guests.
Each tent has an en-suite bathroom
Dining in the dining area
Infinity pool
Caters To
Families or Groups



  • Exclusive visits to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary
  • Unrestricted day- and night-time game drives exploring the 850,000 acres of pristine wildlife habitat accompanied by a local Samburu safari guide
  • Guided safari walks and hikes with packed breakfasts
  • Sundowners and bush dinner under the stars
  • Visit to Elephant Rock, a mere 10 minute drive away
  • Experience the Singing Wells and honour an ancient, Samburu tradition
  • Visit our Nomadic Montessori Schools and Nomadic Healthcare Programs
  • Fly camping in a lugga
  • Overnight heli-camping on Mount Orka