Best Guides in Africa

We have hand-selected the best guides in Africa to accompany clients in their safari to Africa. This is a curated safari where we match the guide, destination and accommodations to the client’s interests.

Private guides know Africa intimately. They not only share their knowledge of wildlife and the bush but get to understand their guests’ preferences intuitively. This helps further curate the safari as it progresses. 

This is very much a personalized, curated safari. Suggested 12-14 Day Safari. Please contact us so that we can support and develop your personalized safari experience.

Below are some of the guides we work with:

Calvin Cottar

Travel + Leisure ‘The Cottar clan is referred to in the book as the First Family of the safari business. If you want to track the safari bloodline, you go to Cottar’s.’ Tatler Magazine: ‘The alchemy of safari and sophistication is masterminded by Calvin Cottar, tall, handsome, a fifth-generation Kenyan who’s a god: think the fashion clout of Calvin Klein combined with the ability to save your life if charged by a buffalo. Calvin has the highest gold guiding standard in east Africa – awarded by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. Calvin has specialized knowledge of east Africa.

Doug Nagi

Doug holds the Gold Level Guiding Award from the Kenyan Professional Safari Guide Association. Doug has undertaken numerous research projects on ethnobotany and ethnography in the Northern Regions of Kenya. Doug is certified in Astronomy and has a keen interest in the use of indigenous medicinal plants. He is regarded as one of the most accomplished, knowledgeable and kind guides in Kenya.

John Stevens

John has guided many safaris over multiple decades in more than eight countries in Africa. John ‘s bushcraft and knowledge are like no other, and his enthusiasm, and passion for the bush and animals that is infectious. John has lived for many years and has specialized knowledge of Zimbabwe.

Ralph Bausfield

Ralph’s family has guided safaris for four generations. Ralph grew up in the Kalahari Desert learning the complicated click-based language of the Zu/’hoasi Bushmen. Ralph knows much about Africa’s people, it’s fauna and flora and has specialized knowledge of Botswana.