Responsible Travel

If you are conservation and community minded, we would be honoured to provide a luxurious, yet authentic and ethical safari journey.

No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced

David Attenborough

Realize that everything connects to everything else”

Leonardo da Vinci

We achieve this in 4 ways

Conservation & Community

For us, sustainable conservation is anchored in the land. 

Cottar’s Wildlife Conservation Trust (CWCT) partner with the local Maasai community to protect Maasai land dedicated to wildlife and wilderness.  The 7,600 acre Maasai land (called the Olderkesi Conservancy) borders the Maasai Mara National reserve. The land is a critical  Elephant and wildlife migration corridor. 

20% of profits from your safari are dedicated to securing this area, through a system of ecosystem (land easement) payments to the local Maasai community.

Environmental Impact

With Cottar’s 1920’s Camp and Cottar’s Private Bush Villa we are aiming to become carbon  neutral by 2024. We have a whole host of initiatives in place and underway including renewable energy solutions, carbon offset initiatives and local sourcing initiatives.

Simple steps such as personalized re-useable water-bottles for each guest, kitchen gardens, rethinking our packaging and procurement, foraged food and active rain-water harvesting improve our circularity and reduce our carbon footprint.

Partnerships and Engagement

Cottars Safari Service will not recommend a lodge, camp or hotel unless the property has been screened personally by us and unless the property yields some significant value to conservation, community or culture. 

Profits from your safari not only finance eco-system services (land, conservation, wildlife). The funds also support the only all female ranger unit in the Maasai  Mara; a school of 400 primary students and local community employment which contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive development pathway for the Olderekesi Maasai community.

We have an ongoing working partnership with the African Wildlife Foundation.

Our Responsibility

We tread lightly and make a positive contribution to the many wonderful destinations where we operate. You can rest easy knowing as you explore East Africa, you do so with a unique and positive approach to sustainability.  For us, as we hope it is for you, it’s about worth to the planet.

Why travel with us?

  • Conservation, community and cultural impact
  • Depth of safari and conservation experiences
  • Unique, quality stays
  • Sustainable locations and sustainable partnerships
  • Expert knowledge

Find out more on how profits from your safari help conservation, community and culture