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Isiolo & Samburu

The scorching lowlands of these areas are home to nomadic communities and wildlife that have evolved to thrive in this desert environment. The park’s trails are empty, which makes it easier to observe Isiolo and Samburu’s Special Five, Africa’s lesser-known relative to the Big Five. As you drive through the arid countryside, keep an eye out for Somali ostriches with blue skin and gerenuks with swan-like necks. Grevy’s zebra, whose magnificent striped skins have made them endangered, graze beside pointy-horned Beisa oryx and the reticulated giraffe. These unusual species congregate frequently around the Ewaso Ngiro River, which serves as a lifeline in the dry, desert-like region.

These areas are being negatively affected by increased human and livestock populations, and low rainfall.

Key Impact Facts

  • 95 species of mammals and 500 birds species, of which 12 are listed as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable
  • The best way to conserve species is through the protection of their critical habitats

IUCN Red List & Status

Grevy’s zebra – Endangered
Reticulated giraffe – Endangered
Lion – Vulnerable
Elephant – Vulnerable
Cheetah – Vulnerable
African buffalo – Near Threatened

Key Threats

How can you help?

  1. Stay in properties which support the 4Cs
  2. Get involved: visit and learn about different organisations ‘doing good’ in the area. The primary definition of ‘doing good’ involves habitat conservation and, where possible, rehabilitation.

Selected Conservation and Community Support Impact Activities

Our list of impactful experiences and organisations in the area

  • Game drives
  • Attending the Samburu Warrior Games
  • Experience the singing wells, an age old tradition
  • Visit the authentic kijijis (Samburu villages)
  • Heli-flights
  • Visit the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary
  • Al-fresco bush meals and sundowners
  • Birdwatching
  • Guided hikes up sacred Mount Uarges
  • Guided hikes into montane cloud-forests
  • Guided trail runs
  • Guided horse-riding
  • Camping on Bang Rock
  • Fly-camping
  • Plunge down a natural rock slide (seasonal)
  • Beading lessons with Samburu ladies
  • School visits with Sarara’s mobile Montessori programme
  • Visit to contemporary elephant rock art

Isiolo & Samburu Properties

Isiolo | Kenya

Sarara Camp

Isiolo | Kenya

Sarara Treehouses