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Cottar’s Safari Services

Since 1919

Committed to conserving crucial wilderness areas in East Africa through travel.
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Cottar’s Safari Services is a fifth generational family business that curates tailor-made, professionally-guided, sustainable luxury safaris in East Africa.

We donate 20% of our yearly net profits to securing critical wildlife corridors and biodiversity in the Olderkesi area of Kenya that in turn supports the local community.

The Olderkesi Conservancy protects a crucial and fragile wildlife migratory corridor outside of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. If you are conservation and community-minded, or are interested in learning and understanding more about the 4Cs (conservation, community, culture and commerce), then we are the perfect team to guide you on an impactful journey throughout East Africa.

Our motivation goes far deeper than simply providing places to stay; we only recommend destinations and safari properties that meaningfully support conservation, community or cultural projects. We have screened some 100 lodges, camps and villas in East Africa based upon a set of strict criteria that proves those three tiers are being adhered to. For us, as we hope it is for you, it is about worth to the planet and engaging experiences. If we can make you happy on an exceptional, life-changing safari while keeping the natural world safe, then we’re one step forward in our effort for regenerative travel. We aim to ensure that guests who travel with Cottar’s Safari Services return home with a greater understanding of the conservation and community work that their safari contributed to.

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We create exceptional experiences in remarkable destinations that support conservation, aid local communities and highlight local cultures.

Browse through our suggested itineraries for inspiration, then get in touch and let us fine-tune your trip of a lifetime.

Enasoit & Cottar’s Bush Villa

Northern Kenya - Maasai Mara

Reteti House & House in the Wild

Northern Kenya - Maasai Mara

Contrasting Cultures in Kenya

Samburu - Laikipia - Maasai Mara

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  • Cottar’s Safari Services operates under the guidelines of The Long Run’s 4Cs: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce
  • We donate 20% of our yearly net profits to securing critical wildlife corridors and biodiversity in the Olderkesi area of Kenya that in turn supports the local community
  • Each safari booked with Cottar’s Safari Services directly contributes to at least one of the 4Cs
  • We have a low-volume, high-impact policy for both Cottar’s Safari Services as a company, and for the choices, we make when creating itineraries with you 
  • We have rigorously vetted the 100+ properties we include in itineraries to ensure that they are also directly contributing to the 4Cs
  • Established in 1919, we have 100+ years of experience operating safaris throughout East Africa
  • Our seasoned safari experts based on the ground in Kenya support you every step of the way from initial inquiry to final departure
  • We provide personalized and tailor-made, professionally guided, sustainable luxury safaris
  • We provide 24-hour backup and support while you are travelling throughout Africa

Embark on a True Journey Filled with Purpose and Promise

When it’s time to slip away from the everyday

Tourism plays a vital role in conservation and the development of less well-off communities – when seeking value for money, also think of values for money.
Your Cottar’s Safari Starts Here

The Cottar clan is referred to in the book as the First Family of the safari business. If you want to track the safari bloodline, you go to Cottar’s.

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